v. 15, 2016, Special Issue: Epistemic Injustice in Practice

This special issue of Wagadu, edited by Dr. Franziska Dübgen, Junior Research Team Leader at the University of Kassel, investigates the particular harm of “epistemic injustice” in different realms of social life within contemporary societies.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF HTML
Franziska Dübgen


The Berlin Wall vs. the European border, OR #JeSuisCharlie vs #JeSuisNigeria – On the Workings of Epistemic Injustice in Race Matters ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Laura Appeltshauser


Epistemic Injustice and the Construction of Transgender Legal Subjects ABSTRACT PDF HTML
B. Lee Aultman


The Injustice of Justice: Feminist Ethical Reflections on Subjectivity ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Elisabetta R. Bertolino  


Epistemic Injustice and Conditioned Experience: The Case of Intellectual Disability ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Hildur Kalman, Veronica Lövgren, and Lennart Sauer


Epistemic Injustice and Powerlessness in the Context of Global Justice. An Argument for “Thick” and “Small” Knowledge ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Gottfried Schweiger


General Issue

Ethics and Mental Health: An Intercultural Approach ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Elizabeth Purcell


New Trends in Diversity Leadership and Inclusive Excellence ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Seth N. Asumah, Mechthild Nagel and Lewis Rosengarten


Book Reviews

An Editorial Comment on the Book Review Section PDF HTML
Mechthild Nagel


Mobilizing Transnational Gender Politics in Post-Genocide Rwanda by Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel, Ashgate, 2015 PDF HTML
Jennie Burnet


Genocide Lives in Us: Women, Memory and Silence in Rwanda by Jennie Burnet, University of Wisconsin Press, 2012 PDF HTML
Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel


In Idi Amin’s Shadow: Women, Gender, and Militarism in Uganda by Alicia C. Decker, University of Ohio Press, 2014 PDF HTML
Joyce Imafidon


Decolonizing Enlightenment. Transnational Justice, Human Rights and Democracy in a Postcolonial World by Nikita Dhawan (ed.), Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2014 PDF HTML
José Miguel Nieto Olivar