v.4, 2007, Special Issue: Intersecting Gender and Disability Perspectives in Rethinking Postcolonial Identities

This issue, edited by English professor Pushpa Naidu Parekh, Spelman College, explores the intersectionality of gender, disability and postcoloniality using the methods and tools of critical race theory, transnational feminism, visual and performative media, cyberculture, queer/transgender analysis, as well as film, environmental and global studies. In addition, this issue features articles exploring disability as a cultural construct, human rights discourse, as well as a “development” agenda, in relation to postcolonial contexts, issues and theories.

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Editorial PDF
Pushpa Parekh
(Post)colonising Disability” by Mark Sherry ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Sherry
Vitalism: Subjectivity Exceeding Racism, Sexism and (Psychiatric) Ableism ABSTRACT PDF
James Overboe
Colonial Discourses of Disability and Normalization in Contemporary Francophone Immigrant Narratives: Bessora’s 53 cm and Fatou Diome’s Le Ventre de l’Atlantique ABSTRACT PDF
Julie Nack Ngue
Monsters in the Closet: Biopolitics and Intersexuality ABSTRACT PDF
Nadia Guidotto
The Technology of Immortality, the Soul, and Human Identity ABSTRACT  PDF
Richard A. Jones
Disability as Embodied Memory? A Question of Identity for the Amputees of Sierra Leone ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Berghs
Making the “Unfit, Fit”: The Rhetoric of Mainstreaming in the World Bank’s Commitment to Gender Equality and Disability Rights ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca Dingo
Cultural Rehabilitation: Hansen’s Disease, Gender and Disability in Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Eunjung Kim
The Disabling Nature of the HIV / AIDS Discourse Among HBCU Students ABSTRACT PDF
Bruce Wade
Gender, Disability and the Postcolonial Nexus ABSTRACT PDF
Pushpa Naidu Parekh
I Don’t Ask God to Move the Mountain, Just Give Me the Strength to Climb It”: Disability Stories of Southern Rural African American Women ABSTRACT PDF
Aline Gubrium
Isolation and Companionship: Disability in Australian (Post) Colonial Cinema ABSTRACT PDF
Kathleen Ellis

Film Reviews

Review of Kounandi (Film from Burkina Faso) by Apolline Traoré PDF
Barbara Hoffman

Book Reviews

EntreMundos/ Among Worlds: New Perspectives on Gloria Anzaldúa edited by AnaLouise Keating PDF
Colleen Kattau