v.22, Fall 2021, Special Issue: Racialization.Spectacle.Liberation

This issue, co-edited by queer feminist sociologists S.M. Rodriguez, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Chriss Sneed, University of Connecticut, questions the role of racialization and the creation of the spectacle in producing liberation or reproducing oppressions. The articles bring critical race and queer of color theoretical perspectives to the topics of sex trafficking, displacement, labor exploitation, and artistic production. Additionally, the issue centers on the possibilities and formations of resistance and belonging.

Table of Contents

S.M. Rodriguez and Chriss Sneed
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Presumed Nonhuman: Black Women Intellectuals and the Struggle for Humanity in the Academy
Andrea N. Baldwin

Dreaming With a Future: Queer Memory Beyond National Trauma
Cynthia Melendez

Black Queer Times at Riis: Making Place in a Queer Afrofuturist Tense
Jah Elyse Sayers ABSTRACT | PDF | 

The Fantasy of Spotting Human Trafficking: Training Spectacles in Racist Surveillance
Elena Shih

The Fantasy of “Home”: Locating Dislocation, Loss, and Silence
Roksana Badruddoja

Artistic Works and Cultural Commentary

Artist Statement: Tutorials on Radiance
Kearra Amaya Gopee
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Exhibit Me/ Prohibit Me      
Alok Vaid-Menon  | PDF | 

A Vacation is Not Activism Part III – On Tourism and Ecosocial Disasters
Bani Amor
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The Mammy, the Strong, Or the Broken: Politics of Hair Afrocentricities In Scripted Television
Hayley Blackburn
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Book Reviews
Melancholia Africana: The Indispensable Overcoming of the Black Condition by Nathalie Etoke. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019.
Kristen KirkseyPDF | 

Progressive Dystopia: Abolition, Anti-Blackness, and Schooling in San Francisco by Savannah Shange. Durham: Duke University Press, 2019.  
Siobhan BrooksPDF |