v.12, 2014, Queering Borders: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Global Heterosexism

Summer 2014, Vol. 12

Queering Borders: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Global Heterosexism

From the academy to the streets, members of the LGBTQ community and their allies are challenging global heterosexism. This special issue of Wagadu, edited by Kathryn Coffey, Associate Professor of Health, SUNY Cortland, is dedicated to an interdisciplinary, intersectional, multi-movement, and multi-dimensional critique of heterosexism, from a global social justice queer perspective.

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Editorial PDF 
Kate Coffey
Contesting Heteronormality: Recasting Same-sex Desire in China’s Past and Present ABSTRACT PDF
Tiantian Zheng
Queer(y)ing Permanent Partnership ABSTRACT PDF
Alix Lindsey Olson
Encountering Metronormativity: Geographies of Queer Visibility in Central New York ABSTRACT PDF
Sean H. Wang
Globetrotting Queerness: Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda ABSTRACT PDF
Minjeong Kim
Transformational Learning: Influence of a Sexism and Heterosexism Course on Student Attitudes and Thought Development ABSTRACT PDF
Judith A. Ouellette and Laura C. Campbell
The Profession Feminism Left Behind: Heterosexism in Schooling and the Teaching Profession ABSTRACT PDF
Cynthia J. Benton


Of Studbroads and Strap-ons: The Conflation of Gender and Sexual Orientation by Female Prisoners in Texas as a Discipline of Heteropatriarchal Normality PDF
Cathy Marston

Review Essay

Queer (In)justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States by Joey L. Mogul, Andrea J. Ritchie, and Kay Whitlock, Beacon Press, 2011;African Sexual Diversity: Politics, Theory, Citizenship by S.N. Nyeck and Marc Epprecht (eds.), McGill-Queens University Press, 2013. PDF
Mechthild Nagel

General Issue

Gender Equality in Primary Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa: Review and Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Robert Osadan, Irish Angelica Burrage

Book Reviews

Exceptional Violence; Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica by Deborah A. Thomas, Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2011 PDF
Kevin Kinsella
Reading Embodied Citizenship: Disability, Narrative, and the Body Politic by Emily Russell, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ, 2011 PDF
Victoria Boynton